about me

Hi there, thanks for stopping by!  I’m a photographer, predominantly of portraiture but also anything else people related such as reportage, naturalistic lifestyle photography as well as some interiors here and there.  I love to photograph environmental portraiture, but I am as happy in a studio as I am wandering the streets.  I feel my work is honest, natural and usually has a fun element.  I love the inbetween moments, that look, the sneeze, the yawn.  I’m as comfortable photographing known faces as I am shooting the person next door.  I am intrigued by people, a little nosy by nature, and I love to see in peoples homes, how they live, where they work, their story.  I love nice design and quirky things.  If you need a photographer, I’d be honored if you’d get in touch.  I’m based in East Anglia (Suffolk/Essex/Cambridgeshire borders to be precise-kinda) but shoot world wide.  A big thank you for reading.  Rebecca

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