so here we are

It’s January.  Of 2015.  I just do not know how that has happened! I’m going to use this as a outlet of sorts.  I may not write much, but I want to share a little.  I’m off to London town tomorrow for a shoot for Spirit and Destiny magazine, a client I’ve not shot for in a long time.  My journey has headed me away slightly in the last few years from editorial photography.  (Dare I say I shoot some weddings…is that allowed…in this day and age?  Well, there we go…I do!)  Plus I have 2 children now, and finding the time to have breakfast is hard enough, let alone personal projects and marketing and meetings and putting energy into all this and deciding what I want to do.  But I’ve come full circle I feel.  The (no offence to my lovely clients) bread and butter work I’d guess you’d call it, has become a passion as I’ve grown and changed with how I photograph these special days.  And I feel that both sides of my (work) story has slid back together.  And now I’m ready to push on and pursue great jobs from all directions doing the thing I love.  Photographing people.  And things.  And places.  Photographing.  Tomorrow will be interesting, a work shop, following the journalist as she participates in the days events.  I’m looking forward to observing and finding my spin on it.  And hopefully getting that fun shot I’m after.  I’m nervous about the drive in, about being on time, about parking.  Will I park Ok?  What if I don’t?  But I will.  It will be fine.  I hope I do a good job.  And I’m looking forward to moving forward.  Thanks all. uk-portrait-photographer_0001 uk-portrait-photographer_0002 uk-portrait-photographer_0003 uk-portrait-photographer_0004 uk-portrait-photographer_0005

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